FOI Foundation of Texas urges media, public access at immigration court proceedings

For Immediate Release

Sept. 24, 2019

AUSTIN _ The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas today expressed deep concern regarding the lack of media and public access to judicial proceedings being held in makeshift immigration courts on the Texas-Mexico border.

Public and media access to immigration-related judicial proceedings should be unfettered; both the U.S. Constitution and this country’s long and proud tradition of open courts mandate full transparency.

Allowing public and media access to only a portion of such proceedings – those held in traditional courtrooms – is insufficient to ensure the public’s right to know about its government. When the subjects of these hearings appear via videoconference in border facilities, the judicial proceedings are taking place in two locations. Allowing access to only one of these locations allows the public to only see half the story.

The FOI Foundation of Texas calls upon the Trump administration to ensure that the public remains fully informed about the workings of its judicial system.

The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enhancing the public’s right to know about its government and protecting the liberties of free speech and free press guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Kelley Shannon
Executive Director
Freedom of information Foundation of Texas
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