Basic Police Report Information

This is the basic information that must be released by police regarding an offense report or arrest:

  • The name, age, address, race, sex, occupation, alias and physical condition of the arrested person;
  • The date and time of the arrest;
  • The offense charged and the court in which it is filed;
  • The details of the arrest;
  • Booking Information;
  • The notation of any release or transfer;
  • Bonding information;
  • The location of the crime;
  • The identification and description of the complainant;
  • The premises involved;
  • The time of occurrence of the crime;
  • The property involved, if any;
  • The vehicles involved, if any;
  • A description of the weather;
  • A detailed description of the offense;
  • The names of the arresting and investigating officers.

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