Texas Attorney General’s Office

The Texas Attorney General’s Office includes an open government division and on its website offers tips, answers frequently asked questions and publishes letter rulings on Texas Public Information Act requests. The link to the office’s open government web page is https://www.oag.state.tx.us/open/index.shtml

The office also provides an open government hotline at (512) 478-OPEN (6736) or (877) OPEN-TEX (673-6839).

The Office of the Attorney General has published the latest version of the Public Information Handbook to help citizens navigate Texas open government laws. The handbook examines open government history, cases, statutes and court rulings.

The Attorney General’s Office accepts complaints when it is alleged that a governmental entity has not complied with the Texas Public Information Act. Though the office can take civil action, it cannot decide to prosecute those complaints in criminal court. That power belongs to local prosecutors.

The attorney general does not have enforcement jurisdiction over Texas Open Meetings Act violations. That responsibility lies with district courts and county or district attorneys. However, the Attorney General’s Office does provide training and guidance in Open Meetings Act compliance.