TPIA Letter

Sample Texas Public Information Act Request Letter
(Note: Wording does not need to exactly replicate this sample letter. The letter can be mailed, emailed or faxed.)

Your Name
Return Address
Telephone Number (business hours)

Name of Government Agency
Address of Government Agency

Dear Officer for Public Records:
This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public’s access to information in the custody of governmental agencies. I respectfully request the following information:

(List here as specifically as possible the information you are seeking: documents, letters, memos, reports, emails, etc. Include dates if you know them.)

In the interest of expediency, and to minimize the research and/or duplication burden on your staff, I would be pleased to personally examine the relevant records if you would grant me immediate access to the requested material. Additionally, and since time is a factor, please communicate with me by telephone or email rather than by mail. My telephone number is xxxxx and my email address is xxxxx.

(If applicable add:) Disclosure of this information is in the public interest because providing a copy of the information primarily benefits the general public. I therefore request a waiver of all fees and charges pursuant to Section 552.267 of the act.

I shall look forward to hearing from you promptly, as specified in the law. Thank you for your cooperation.



Your name